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Acupressure Points to Enhance
Concentration & Improve Memory


Whether you are a student, a professional, or a homemaker, issues with concentration and memory can create a lot of problems in your life. Some issues are simple, such as telling your spouse a quick story about someone they know, only to have them say, "You told me that yesterday!", to not remembering where you have put your car keys, and panicking a bit. Sometimes we forget the name of the tv series we have been watching, or walk into a room and forget why we went there in the first place. All are seemingly benign and somewhat annoying! Then there are the more serious ones like missing a doctor’s appointment or forgetting to pass on that important piece of information to your superior at the office. It feels like your life is falling off the rails a bit as your confidence begins to wane. 

When you are often distracted by various thoughts or find focusing on your work a big problem, you lose the zeal to carry on with your responsibilities and daily affairs since the inherent enjoyment of doing them would be gone. This, in turn, can cause a dent in your dedication and motivation, thus making your whole life a muddled affair. But there’s no reason to lose hope as acupressure can come to your rescue. By working on your acupressure points, you can improve your concentration and memory, thus bringing a significant change in every aspect of your life.

When applying acupressure, try to relax and breath deeply as you massage each point. The massage and the acupressure can be done by yourself, or by someone else who is there to assist you.

Begin each round of 10 memory-boosting acupressure points with three deep cleansing breaths, in through your mouth and exhaling through your nose. 

Try my  ..."Be-Kind-To-Yourself" 

Ten  Beautiful Acupressure Points to
Enhance Concentration and Improve

your Memory

1. Sun Point (Tai Yang)

Close your eyes and take 3 deep cleansing breaths before you begin.


About 1.5 inches away from your eyebrows, this point can be found in the depression of your temples. Applying slight pressure on these two points for about 20 seconds will not only improve your concentration and memory but also offer relief from mental stress, dizziness, and headaches. However, remember to be gentle when applying pressure on your Sun Point and be consistent by repeating the process 3 times every day to get the best results.

2. Third Eye Point (Yin Tang)

This point is located between your eyebrows, in the indentation where your nose’s bridge and forehead meet. Apart from improving your focus and memory, massaging this point for about 30 seconds every day would bring a calm and uplifting effect, which would help when you feel stressed or overwhelmed. To get the best results, you should massage your third eye point 2 to 3 times each day.

3. One Hundred Meeting Point (Bai Hui)

In addition to the support for concentration and mental awareness, this point provides, pressing Bai Hui brings about a shift of perspective. This can be especially useful if you are stuck while plotting a story or blocked in the creative process of writing music or creating lesson plans. It refreshes your thinking while offering new insight along with many other benefits that naturally enhance your creativity.  


You will find this point on the top of your head in between the cranial bones. By placing a finger at the top of each ear and following an imaginary line upwards to reach the top of your head, you will reach a point where the two fingers meet. This is the point where applying gentle pressure will improve your concentration and bring notable mental awareness and clarity. Whether you are suffering from a creative block or headaches, massaging this point for about 25 seconds will offer relief by increasing the body’s vital force and raising the emotional energy.

4. Gates of Consciousness (GB-20)
(Feng Chi) 
Wind Pool

Stimulating the Gates of Consciousness will offer relief from headaches, migraine, eye blurriness or fatigue, low energy, cold and flu symptoms and help improve poor memory. In case you have concentration problems due to arthritic pain, stimulating this point for about 4 to 5 seconds will help reduce the pain, irrespective of the location of the pain.


Feng Chi (GB20) is located by feeling for the mastoid (ear) bone and following the groove back to where the neck muscles attached to the skull. Once located, use a deep, firm pressure towards skull to massage and stimulate the area for 4 to 5 seconds. Clasp your hands together then gently open your palms with your fingers interlocked to form a cup shape, using the thumbs to massage.

5. Middle of a Person (GV-26) (Shui Gou)

In addition to the improved concentration and memory this Governing Vessel point provides, it also provides relief from dizziness,
fainting and cramps.


If you often find yourself daydreaming during work, or have thousands of distracting thoughts that make it difficult to concentrate, stimulating this point will ground you and bring you back into the moment, thus letting you focus on the task at hand. You can increase the effectiveness of this point by accessing it every day
for several weeks.

This point is located between your nose and the upper lip. It’s about two-thirds of the way up from your upper lip to the point between your nostrils. Press this point firmly with your finger for about 1 minute. For a quicker response, use the end of your fingernail to press into the point. 

6. Sea of Tranquility (CV-17) (Shanzhong)

A great mind-body balancing point, CV17 provides relief from stress and anxiety. You can find this point, 3 thumb widths up from the base of your breastbone, in the center of your chest.


Slowly massage up and down in the center of your breastbone to feel for an indentation, then place your middle finger tip directly on the point while allowing your index and ring finger tips to rest gently just above and below the point. Pair the movement with a few slow gentle breaths in and out, and enjoy being transported
to a more relaxed state. 

Stimulating it improves concentration and offers relief from anxiety, nervousness, insomnia, depression and other emotional imbalances that hinder your ability to focus and think clearly. Thus, knowing this point would help you recall things and enjoy improved focus as well as clarity of thought.
Try massaging it for about 15-20 seconds. 

7. Heavenly Pillar (BL-10)

You will find this point 1.5 inches below your skull’s base, on both sides of the spine, each 1.5 inches away from the spine.


Being an excellent stress-relieving point, massaging it in a circular motion for about a minute to a minute and a half, every day would help beat stress, over-exertion, burnout and unclear thoughts. If these problems are inhibiting your focus and memory, stimulating this point would help relax your neck, thus facilitating better circulation into your brain. This, in turn, would improve your ability to concentrate, memorize and remember.


8. Three Mile Point (ST-36) (Zu San)


Three Mile Point is often used for gastrointestinal discomfort, nausea and vomiting, as well as stress, fatigue and mental fog in addition to boosting energy levels and strengthening your body and your mind.

This point is located about 1/3 inch away from your shinbone and 2 inches under your kneecap. To ensure you have the right point, bend and straighten your foot to notice a muscle-flexing under your finger. Use your middle and index fingers to press this point for about a minute to a minute and a half, to boost your energy levels, strengthen your body and mind, reduce pain and gain improved mental clarity.


9. Effective Brain Point (LV-1) (Da Dun)

This point is located on lateral side of big toe, between lateral corner of the nail and the interphalangeal joint. 


In addition to supporting your mental fog, LV1 also helps with hernias, uterine bleeding, uterine-prolapse, epilepsy, difficulty urinating, incontinence of urine and pain in the groin area. 

You can massage this point every day by moving your thumb on the big toe for about a minute, in a way that tries to cover it (the big toe) completely. Your pressure here can be a little more than for the other locations. Remember to keep your massage duration the same for both the toes. Doing this regularly will help your brain to relax and give your concentration
ability, a big boost!


10. Bigger Rushing (LV-3) (Tai Chong)

In addition to helping you to improve focus and concentration, LV 3 also helps with stress, lower back pain, high blood pressure, menstrual cramps, limb pain, insomnia and anxiety.


You will find this point on the top of your foot, in the indentation between the second toe and the big toe. Pressing this point every day for about 30 seconds will offer relief from fatigue, memory problems, headaches and poor concentration while boosting energy, motivation, focus, and clarity of thought. If you are battling poor concentration and memory, stimulating this point would give you a fast pick-me-up with improved concentration and focus.   

Sun Point Tai  Yang Sketch SI 18-19.JPG
Third Eye Point GV 24.5.JPG
One Hundred Meeting Pt, Bai Hui GV 20.JP
Gates of Consciousness GB 20.JPG
Middle of a Person Shi Gou GV 26 Renzhon
Sea of Tranquility Shanzhong CV 17.JPG
Heavenly Pillar Tianzhu BL10.JPG
Three Mile Point Zu San ST 36.JPG
Effective Brain Point-Da Dun-LV 1.JPG
Bigger Rushing Point LV3.JPG

An improved memory ability, concentration and recalling of short-term and long-term memory is useful for everyone. While students will find it useful to excel in their studies, adults handling both professional and domestic responsibilities will enjoy better creativity and productivity in their everyday tasks.


Yet, we often find several physical, mental and emotional problems that seem to be creeping into our daily home and work lives, which in turn causes everything from lack of focus and poor concentration to anxiety, insecurity, insomnia, confused thought and much more.

Make a new daily routine to massage these points and  you will begin to see an improvement over time in your concentration, memory, including remembering tasks. have mentioned above, you can now enhance your concentration and memory, which in turn would help you remember your tasks, with better focus and clarity of thought.


However, you need to be consistent in your effort to stimulate these acupressure points if you want to reap the best benefits. Start making the most of these acupressure points today to organize your thoughts well with optimum focus and an uncluttered mind. You will soon become more productive and your life will be easier, more fulfilling and a lot more fun!

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