EFT- Tapping Script (Adult) - Tapping for Weight Loss

In your weight loss journey, have you tried various diet plans, and had some success only to find yourself back at your original weight, with a few extra pounds added on? Or, have you tried the latest diet plan only to realize you simply can't stay focused because, it's just not sustainable, perhaps too many restrictions?  Maybe you would be fine for a week or two and then find yourself diving into a Big Mac or a sweet dessert and then hear yourself saying, "Well, since I've just completely ruined my diet plan and eaten that Big Mac, I might as well eat the large fries and the milkshake too?"


Have you been putting a lot of pressure on yourself with these diet plans, only to find out they're not working for you? After so many tries, you may begin to have lower expectations of yourself and your ability to be successful. Your internal dialogue may begin to sound like, "You just can't do this! You can't stick to anything! It's too hard! Why do you even bother! It's never going to work!" Frustration, low confidence and disappointment! Does any of this sound familiar?  

It is a well-known fact that most people do have a pretty good idea of what it takes to lose weight: Eat less calories and exercise more and do this often enough that your body strives for and reaches its healthy weight! Done and done!


Why then do the weight-loss companies continually and consistently maintain a billion dollar industry, preying on people who are looking for that perfect (EASY) diet and exercise fix that will be the answer to their prayers? Why, because, it's not as simple as 'eating less calories and exercising more'. Not if there are any emotional barriers, tucked away in your past. These are the ones we try to forget and are the ones that often end up being the reasons behind why we can't lose weight. 


Identify and put some words and thoughts around those unpleasant, upsetting, unsettling stressful thoughts and emotions and you may finally be able to look at food and exercise through an entirely different lens.  Your new lens or viewpoint will be one that allows for a sustainable healthy lifestyle and gives you permission to make mistakes from time to time without the fear of self-judgement but with the strength and desire to get back on track.  

How, you ask? Try EFT Tapping, Emotional Freedom Technique. There is no monetary cost involved, just a commitment to give it a try. Follow this script below and tap along with the words and feel free to change the words to be more suitable for your needs. You may get some very interesting, if not positive results. May I suggest that if you haven't done so already, take a look at my presentation on EFT Explained, below.  This will give you the background on the science behind Tapping, how it works as well as how to do it.  

EFT Explained

       KC                EB                 SE               UE                UN

Tapping Points.JPG

          C       Collar Bone       UA                 TH

 EFT- Tapping Script (Adult) - Tapping for Weight Loss

Begin by closing your eyes and taking three deep cleansing breaths, in through your nose and exhaling out of your mouth. 

KC:     Even though I put a lot of pressure on myself to have the perfect diet, I accept myself.

KC:     Even though I put all this pressure on myself, and I never seem to get the results I was looking for,
          I accept myself.

KC:    Even though I put all this pressure on myself to stay true to the perfect diet, I accept myself and how I feel.

Now, begin to move through the tapping points and sequence.

Round 1

EB:                    All this pressure to have the perfect diet

SE:                    Should I eat that?

UE:                    Maybe I shouldn't eat that!

UN:                    Am I eating too much?

C:                       All this anxiety, this pressure to be perfect

Collar Bone:    All this anxiety to be perfect at this diet and want desperately to see a change on the weigh scale

UA:                    And when I mess up

TH:                    I beat myself up and my internal dialogue is negative and mean.

Still tapping on Top of Head, try to give a voice to that mean person, to the negative self talk. What do you say to yourself, when you have fallen off the wagon?


Round 2
EB:                    You never stick with anything.

SE:                    There's really no point!

UE:                    Because nothing ever seems to work for me.

UN:                    I can't do anything right!

C:                       I can't stick to any of these diets

Collar Bone:    So, I might as well just give up.

UA:                    All this pressure I put on myself.

TH:                    Acknowledging this pressure


Round 3
EB:                    and letting it go

SE:                    Even if I don't eat perfectly

UE:                    I love and accept myself

UN:                    Even if I don't eat perfect

C:                       I'm okay!

Collar Bone:    With every moment

UA:                     I have the power to choose.

TH:                     And, I choose now to be healthy

Round 4

EB:                     I choose now to be loving

SE:                     I know what's right for me. 

UE:                     and when I release this panic

UN:                     I will do what's right me

Ch:                     Feeling calm and centered

Collar Bone:     Feeling confident and strong

UA:                     letting go of the perfect diet

TH:                     and listening to what my body needs.

Close your eyes, take 3 deep breaths in through your nose and exhale out your mouth. 

Now, check in with yourself to see if you feel any sensation in your body, when you think about the pressure you put onto yourself. Do you still feel that pressure? Try to get away from this panic or pressure you feel about dieting and begin to learn more about food, not about dieting but about health. Try to think of food as fuel for your body. Listen to your body's signals and be in control of the choices you make when your body tells you it's time to refuel.  


The information I am providing is intended to help you to help your child or someone else to deal with a challenge. It is clearly not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and is definitely not intended as medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you are under the care of any health professionals (or should be), you are strongly encouraged to discuss any of these recommendations, or use of Energy Tapping (EFT) with them prior to making any changes, and never discontinue or reduce prescription medications without consulting your doctor or pharmacist.