Circulation Meridian

  • Circulation peak time:                              7 pm to 9 pm

  • Associated color:                                      Red

  • Season most active:                                 Summer

  • Negative emotion:                                    Greed

  • Positive emotion:                                       Generosity

  • Essential oils:                                              Cinnamon


Qi (Chee) Pathway

The Circulation Meridian (Sex) starts 1" outside the nipples (in 4th Intercostal Space) and it ends at the center of the tips of the middle fingers. 


Associated Ailments/Issues

  1. PC 2 Inside of arm pain, numbness going down the arm

  2. PC 4-6 Wrist pain, aching, weakness, poor circulation to the hands

  3. PC 9 Circulation, finger pain


Conception Vessel Meridian

  • Negative Emotion:                               Shame     

  • Essential Oil:                                          Rosemary 

Qi (Chee) Pathway

The conception vessel meridian flows from the bottom of the crotch upward, ending just below the lower lip or under the chin. Strong energy needs to flow upward to have good abdominal strength.


Associated Ailments/Issues

  1. CV 5-7 Male/female issues, menstrual cramping, bladder

  2. CV 9-11 Abdominal pain, hernia, bloating, poor digestion

  3. CV 13-14 Hiatal hernia, nausea, acid reflux, tension

  4. CV 17-18 Lung issues, breast issues, palpitations

  5. CV 20-22 Chest pain, asthma, immune weakness

  6. CV 23 Pain in throat, difficulty swallowing

  7. CV 24 Facial pain, mouth issues, dental issues

Endocrine (Triple Warmer) Meridian

  • Endocrine peak time:                              9 pm to 11 pm

  • Associated color:                                     Red

  • Season most active:                                Summer

  • Negative emotions:                                 Unstable

  • Positive emotion:                                     Stability

  • Essential oils:                                            Myrtle, Clary Sage

Qi (Chee) Pathway


The endocrine meridian (triple heater, TH) has 23 points, starting at the outside of the fourth finger ("ring" finger), at the base of each nail, and traveling up the outside of the arm, ending at the outside corners of the eyebrows.

Associated Ailments/Issues

  1. TH 1 Beginning of the meridian, finger pain

  2. TH 5-8 Wrist stiffness, fluctuating hot/cold

  3. TH 9 Lower back of arm pain, stiffness, cramping

  4. TH 12 Upper arm weakness, cold to the touch, stiff shoulder

  5. TH 15 Shoulder stiffness, frozen shoulder, light headedness

Gallbladder Meridian


  • Gallbladder peak time:                                11 pm to 1 am

  • Color Association:                                         Green

  • Season most active:                                     Spring

  • Negative emotions:                                      Change is hard

  • Positive emotion:                                          Change is easy/decisive

  • Essential oils:                                                  Lemon, Nutmeg

Qi (Chee) Pathway


The gallbladder meridian is the longest one with 44 traditional reference points starting 1" from the outside of the corner of the eye, traveling down to the outside of the fourth toe at the base of each nail.

Meridians are bilateral, meaning they are the same on both sides of the body.


Associated Ailments/Issues

  1. GB 1-3 Eye and ear issues, headache, tinnitus, neuralgia

  2. GB 20 Stiff neck, tension from change, brain issues

  3. GB 21 Neck & shoulder pain and stiffness

  4. GB 22-23 Swollen lymph nodes, phlegm

  5. GB 25 Floating rib pain, stitches in the side

  6. GB 35-36 Lower leg ache, inflammation

  7. GB 37-39 Bone, tendon, ligament, muscle & joint issues

  8. GB 41-43 Outer foot pain, heat in the body


Governing Vessel Meridian

Qi (Chee) Pathway


The Governing Vessel starts at the tailbone, travels up and over the head, ending at the location just above the center of the upper lip.


Associated Ailments/Issues

  1. GV 3 Leg circulation, sciatica, low back pain

  2. GV 4-5 Low back pain, stiffness, aching

  3. GV 6-7 Kidney aches, low back pain, discomfort

  4. GV 8-9 Stiffness, sore mid-back, curve in spine

  5. GV 10-11 Stabbing pain, difficult breathing

  6. GV 12 Pain between shoulder blades

  • Negative Emotion:                           Haughtiness    

  • Essential Oil:                                     Balsam Fir 

Heart Meridian

  • Heart peak time:                                11 am to 1 pm

  • Color Association:                              Red                              

  • Season most active:                          Summer                                     

  • Negative emotions:                           Anxious, overly excitable           

  • Positive emotion:                                Peaceful

  • Essential oils:                                       Lavender

Qi (Chee) Pathway


The heart meridian, containing nine points, travels down from under the armpit area to the thumb-side of the little fingers, at the base of each nail.

Associated Ailments/Issues

  1. HT 2 Pain in the elbow or shoulder, poor circulation

  2. HT 4-6 Wrist pain, fluctuating emotions, chest pain

  3. HT 9 Heart issues, finger pain

 Kidney Meridian

  • Kidney peak time:                                     5 pm to 7 pm

  • Color association:                                      Blue

  • Season most active:                                 Winter

  • Negative emotions:                                  Fear, Dread

  • Positive emotion:                                       Brave, Honest

  • Essential oil:                                                Ylang Ylang

Qi (Chee) Pathway


The kidney meridian has 27 points starting at the bottom center of the foot, ball of the foot, traveling up and ending at a depression located 1" below the inside edges of the Collar Bone.

Associated Ailments/Issues

  1. KI 1 Bottom of foot, painful feet, cold feet, numbness

  2. KI 7-9 Lower leg weakness, edema, soreness

  3. KI 14-16 Distention, pain in low abdomen

  4. KI 17-19 Abdominal tightness, sharp pain

  5. KI 20-21 Stomach-ache, cramps, bloating

  6. KI 24-27 Chest pain, difficult breathing, tenderness

Your kidneys can easily become over-worked and have depleted energy if you consume too many stimulants such as sugar, caffeine and by not getting a good night's sleep. 

Large Intestine Meridian

  • Large Intestine peak time:                          5 am to 7 am

  • Color Association:                                          Off-white

  • Season most active:                                      Fall 

  • Negative emotion:                                         Uptight

  • Positive emotion:                                           Freely moving Forward

  • Essential oils:                                                   Cypress, Wintergreen

Qi (Chee) Pathway


The large intestine meridian has 20 points beginning at the thumb-side of the index fingers at the base of each nail, traveling down the posterolateral aspect of the arm, over the should and ending on each side of the nostrils.


Associated Ailments/Issues

  1. LI 1-2 Large intestine energy, finger pain

  2. LI 6-7 Carpal tunnel syndrome, sprained wrist, calming energy tension

  3. LI 8-9 Lower arm pain, numbness, tendonitis, elbow pain, bowel tension

  4. LI 14 Upper arm pain, shoulder pain, rotator cuff, frozen shoulder

  5. LI 17-18 Sore throat, brain issues, neck tension, stiffness

Liver Meridian

  • Liver peak time:                                    1 am to 3 am

  • Color Association:                                Green

  • Season most active:                            Spring

  • Negative emotions:                             Easily angered, frustrated

  • Positive emotion:                                 Self-control

  • Essential oils:                                        lemon, oregano

Qi (Chee) Pathway


The liver meridian has 14 points starting at the inside tip of the big toe and flowing upward to the chest area, specifically ending just below the nipples in the 6th Intercostal Space. 


Although there are fewer points on this meridian compared to others, each specific placement area is very important for opening the energy of the liver.


Associated Ailments/Issues

  1. LV 3 Big toe issues, gout

  2. LV 5-6 Shin pain and inflammation

  3. LV 13 Abdominal pain, gallstones

  4. LV 14 Rib pain, hard to breathe

The liver and gallbladder meridians are in close proximity of each other around the gallbladder area. Use LV 13 and 14 areas for gallbladder and abdominal issues. The liver energy balances reproductive issues, digestive issues and especially irritability.

Lung Meridian

  • Lung peak time:                             3 am to 5 am

  • Color Association:                          Off white

  • Season most active:                      Fall

  • Negative emotions:                       Persistent grief, sadness

  • Positive emotion:                           Joy, Enthusiasm

  • Essential oils:                                  Orange, Eucalyptus, Basil

Qi (Chee) Pathway


The lung meridian has 11 points beginning just below the collarbone, in close proximity to where the arm attaches to the torso and traveling down the inside of the arm, ending at the side of the thumb, furthest from the index fingers, at the base of the nail. 

Associated Ailments/Issues

  1. LU 1-2 Coughing, chest congestion, shortness of breath, chest pain, grief

  2. LU 3-4 Inside upper-arm pain, poor memory, low oxygen

  3. LU 6 Inside lower-arm pain, elbow pain, arm swelling

  4. LU 7 Carpal tunnel syndrome, thumb pain, swelling, stiffness

  5. LU 10 Pain in pad of thumb, cramping

  6. LU 11 Thumb pain

Small Intestine Meridian

  • Small Intestine peak time:            1 pm to 3 pm

  • Color Association:                          Red

  • Season most active:                      Summer

  • Negative emotions:                       Uncertainty, Lost

  • Positive emotion:                           Confidence

  • Essential oils:                                  Tangerine, Marjoram

Qi (Chee) Pathway


The small intestine meridian begins at the outside tip of the
little finger, at the base of each nail, traveling up to the cheek area where the ears and jaw area are located..


Associated Ailments/Issues

  1. SI 1 Small intestine energy starts here, finger pain

  2. SI 6 Wrist pain, stiffness in hand and lower arm, fatigue

  3. SI 7 Elbow pain, achy joints, stress, swelling

  4. SI 11-13 Place over scapula for shoulder and upper arm pain

  5. SI 14-15 Neck and shoulder stiffness and pain

  6. SI 18-19 Ear issues, facial nerve pain, TMJ, upper level toothache

Spleen/Pancreas Meridians

  • Spleen/Pancreas peak time:       9 am to 11 am

  • Color Association:                          Yellow-Orange

  • Season most active:                      Late Summer

  • Negative emotions:                       Undervalued, Low esteem

  • Positive emotion:                           Valued, Secure

  • Essential oils:                                  Bergamot, Geranium

Qi (Chee) Pathway


The spleen meridian starts at the outside (medial) edge of  both of the big toes, at the base of each nail, traveling upward to the collarbone and down to the rib cage (between the 6th and 7th ribs),  about one hand’s width below the armpit.


On the right side of the body, the pancreas meridian follows the same route. This is the only meridian system that has a different organ represented on each side of the body. In the abbreviation SP, S is for spleen and P is for pancreas.

Associated Ailments/Issues

  1. SP 2-4 Big toe joint pain, gout, swelling

  2. SP 6-7 Leg cramps, edema, insomnia

  3. SP 14-15 Constipation, menstrual issues, low energy

  4. SP 16 Spleen or Pancreas inflammation, tenderness

  5. SP 18-19 Swollen lymph, chest tension, shortness of breath

Stomach Meridian

  • Stomach peak time:                      7am to 9am

  • Color Association:                          Yellow-Orange

  • Season most active:                      Late Summer

  • Negative emotions:                       Worry, Despair

  • Positive emotion:                           Hopefulness

  • Essential oils:                                  Ginger, Peppermint

Qi (Chee) Pathway


The stomach meridian is a long meridian containing 45 points, beginning below the center of the eye on the cheek,  traveling all the way down to the outside tip of the second toes, at the base of each nail..

Associated Ailments/Issues

  1. ST 2-3 Vision issues, twitching eyelid, cheek pain, toothache

  2. ST 5-6 Pain in jaw, facial pain, toothache, lockjaw

  3. ST 13-15 Chest tightness, rib pain, congestion

  4. ST 16-18 Mastitis, swollen lymph nodes, tenderness

  5. ST 19-21 Stomachache, nausea, bloating

  6. ST 22-25 Edema, constipation, distention

  7. ST 26-28 Hernia, cramping, low bowel pain

  8. ST 36-37 Knee pain, restless leg, sore shins

  9. ST 42-43 Foot pain, swelling, cold feet

Urinary Bladder Meridian


  • Urinary/Bladder peak time:         3 pm to 5 pm

  • Color Association:                          Blue

  • Season most active:                      Winter

  • Negative emotions:                       Easily Irritated, Timid

  • Positive emotion:                           Soothed, Caring

  • Essential oils:                                  Tea Tree 

Qi (Chee) Pathway


The urinary bladder meridian has 67 points, beginning at the inside corner of the eye, traveling down the body to the outside of the little toe, at the base of each nail. It travels down the spine in two lines on a traditional acupuncture chart. 


Associated Ailments/Issues

  1. UB 41-43 Pain between the shoulder blades, neck, shoulder

  2. UB 44-46 Poor circulation, stabbing pain and discomfort

  3. UB 47-49 Mid-back pain, liver issues

  4. UB 50-52 Low back pain, kidney, spleen issues

  5. UB 56-58 Lower leg pain, inflammation, muscle cramps

  6. UB 59 Back of ankle pain, swelling, discomfort

  7. UB 64-65 Outside foot pain, foot cramps, swelling

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14 Key Meridians


 Use the associated chart for finding these points on your body. After locating a point, press on it a bit. If it feels tender to touch or sore and if you have any physical aliments/conditions associated with it, you may need to spend a little time on that point, massaging and pressing. Depending on the location of the point will determine the amount of time you need to spend, and how much pressure you should allow.


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