6 Key Reflexology Tips to Soothe your Teething Baby

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Begin every therapeutic Reflexology treatment by taking three deep cleansing breaths. Your baby will sense that you are calm and this will encourage her to feel the calmness.

Start every Reflexology movement on your baby's right foot, then repeat on her left. Always use a gentle one-finger or one thumb pressure when giving your beautiful baby Reflexology. Your pressure must be very gentle and light. Movements should be a combination of circular movements, sweeping and dragging!

Invariably, your touch will:

  • stimulate pain relieving hormones, encourage the excretion of feel-good endorphins and provide a sense of comfort; a feeling of being loved and cared for; and a wonderful feeling of security.

Massaging these five specific points will bring about relief in the corresponding body area and the benefits are that it will:

· Promote calmness, is soothing and relaxing

· Assist the Immune system

· Encourage a deeper and more restful sleep

· Help your baby to feel safe, secure, understood and comforted

Specific points on the feet to help baby's pain, and soothe her:

1. Solar Plexus Point

2. Points for the Head and Brain

3. Points for the Teeth

4. Points for the Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ)

5. Points for the Spine

6. Points for the Lymphatic System

Point #1- Solar Plexus

Indication - Helps to calm baby and reassuring

Foot Location - located under the ribs, in the upper middle of foot. You can find Solar Plexus by using your index finger, and identifying where it articulates with the ball of the foot. Drag it down until you come to a natural indentation.

With Baby lying on a blanket in front of you, use your thumbs to circle round and round these spots. Solar Plexus represents a huge network of nerves. It’s that point that you feel like you’ve been punched, when you receive some bad news.

Technique - Take a deep breath, through your nose and out of your mouth. Your slow deliberate breathing will signal to baby that she needs to also feel relaxed. Use your index finger or thumb to circle clock wise, around and around, with very light and gentle pressure. Take some nice deep breaths and hopefully baby will follow your cue, as well.

Repeat on the other foot, or you can choose to massage both feet at the same time, as well.

Point #2 - Points for Head, Brain

Indication - For this application, soothing your teething baby, we are interested in the points for Head, Brain, Teeth and Sinus.

Location - The points for the Head and the Brain are found on the tips of each toe and many key brain points are located in the big toe. Also located in the toes are the points for Sinuses, Ears, Eyes and Teeth.

Technique - Using your index finger, and start at the base of the big toe on the plantar side (bottom). Slide up from the base of the big toe to the top of the big toe, then slide down the front of the toe.

Now, circle around the tip of the big toe. (This is the brain). Repeat on each toe, slide up the back and down the front and circle the tips of each.

Point #3 - Points for the Teeth

1) Location - The teeth are located at the front and base of the second and third toes of each foot.

Even though the teeth points are found only in toes 2 and 3, we will apply the massage technique to all the toes.

Using your index finger and thumb, you will now go toe by toe, starting with the big toe, and gently roll and squeeze each one.

2) Location - The Sinuses: Gently roll and squeeze the fat pads of each toe. The fat fleshy pads house the reflexes for the sinuses.

These can get painful and stuffy, so by stimulating them, you can help the body to release the pressure.

Point #4 - Points for Temporo-mandibular Joint

Baby has been crying. There is lots of tension, biting down, clenching, thus has over-used that muscle.

Location on Foot - This point is located on either side of the joint on the big toe. This area can get tight from crying.

Location on Body - you can feel the natural indentation on your face where the maxilla articulates with the mandible.

Technique - Use your thumb and your forefinger, give a little hold, a gentle pressure there and a little circle around, ether side of each big toe.

Point #5 – Points for Spinal Reflexes

Indication - Massaging these points will help baby to be calm, promote rest and relaxation and release tension from Central Nervous System.

Location - The Spinal Reflex points are found on the inside (media) side of each foot, extending from the inside of each heel up to midway up the side of the big toe.

Technique - Using your index finger, start at the bottom of the heel, and slide up to the location half way up the outside of the big toe.

Using a gentle and light sweeping motion, repeat a few times and then repeat on the other foot.

Point #6 – Points for Lymphatic Drainage

Application - promotes lymphatic drainage, removing any toxins. It acts as the body’s own waste disposal system. This encourages the body to pull the waste products out of the system

6a) Location on Top of Foot

  1. Using your index finger, locate the point between the baby toe and the fourth toe, where the toes articulate with the top of the foot. You should feel an indentation. Slide your finger, gently from that point where the toes meet the foot, down to the ankle.

  2. Locate the next point which is between the fourth and third toes, top of foot, where the toes articulate with the top of foot. In that indentation, and with your index finger, gently slide down to the ankle.

  3. Locate the next point which is between the third and the second toes, top of foot, where the toes articulate with the top of foot. In that indentation, and with your index finger, gently slide down to the ankle.

  4. Finally, the last point, which is between the big toe and the second toe. Repeat above instructions.

6b) Second Location for Lymphatic Drainage

This point is located on either side of each ankle. Take your middle finger from both hands and place them gently on either side of the ankles (distal).

Slide the fingers, and make tiny circles, together up from the ankles and have them meet in the center, then go back around.

Repeat this several times.

Best of luck with trying these techniques. I hope you find them helpful for you and your baby. I would love to hear from you. Feel free to send me an email to:


and include in the subject line, the wording, Reflexology for my Teething Baby.

All the best!!

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