6 Surprising Health Benefits of Reflexology 


During a 1-Hour Ontario College of Reflexology - sanctioned treatment, your session will finish with a soothing, deeply relaxing foot, heel, ankle and calf massage. Not only will you have had the full treatment of pressure points in the 10 zones of your feet, that impact and relate to all of the tissues, glands, organs and systems in your body, but you will be able to look forward to the last part of your session - the foot massage!

Foot massage is a way of pampering your feet thereby, making them strong and flexible; foot massage even acts as an alternative medicine for various health issues such as swelling aches and pains so it makes perfect sense to be an integral part of the treatment!

Health Benefits from Regular Reflexology and Foot Massage Treatments:

1) Stimulates Blood Circulation

Many of us are sedentary or only practice moderate exercise. While our best intentions are to make sure we take time out daily for some form of movement, whether it be a bike ride, a swim, a walk, or the gym, most do not get the daily exercise needed to maintain optimum health. If you are active daily, good for you! Research has shown that there is a strong correlation between daily exercise and lifespan.


Another way to improve your blood circulation is to have regular Reflexology treatments to enhance the movement of oxygen to your body's cells, enhancing overall wellness.

Oils, such as olive, grapeseed or coconut are recommended for deeply relaxing foot massages. While the Reflexology treatment of pressing the reflexes in the feet is administered without any oil or lubricant, the foot massage at the end is. A deeply relaxing foot massage at the end of the Reflexology treatment includes the application of firm pressure, and strokes. Reflexology and foot massages are administered starting on the client's right foot, then finishing on the left foot. Why? It follows the natural circulatory system blood flow which goes from the right side of the body to the left.  

2) Reduces the Effects of Edema (Tissue Swelling)

Regular foot massage, especially during pregnancy, can help reduce the effects of swelling in ankles and feet, due to fluid retention.


When swelling is present, and if the swelling is due to lack of movement, during the foot massage portion of the treatment, the Reflexologist will endeavour to encourage the movement of fluid from the toes toward the calf, thereby moving fluid from the extremities toward the kidney to be flushed out. On a daily basis, to alleviate foot swelling, try to keep legs elevated whenever possible; wear only comfortable shoes and drink plenty of water. Adding a slice of fresh lemon to your water daily will enhance the movement of fluid retention.

Check out my blog post called Lymphatic Drainage-Your Waste Management Transport System and key Acupressure points to assist with swelling that are covered during a Reflexology Treatment.

3) Promotes Deep Relaxation

A soothing reflexology treatment is the best way to relax after a long walk or standing  for a long period of time, or when you felt more stressful than usual. It gives you energy and relief from stress and fatigue by encouraging the movement of electrons through your systems, pushing through any blockages that could be causing your issues. 

4) Removes Stress

While the average person carries a small amount of stress from day to day, and needs to do so to be able to make decisions, and complete tasks, if stress becomes overwhelming for longer than a few days, into a week or two, health problems may develop. A 1-hour Reflexology treatment will remove stress from your body and you should feel these benefits for up to 3 days after. 

5) Brings the Body into a state of Homeostasis (Balance)

If the body can exist in a balanced state, it can potentially thwart off health issues thereby preventing health problems.


6) Reduces Depression and Anxiety

A Reflexology treatment is great way to fight against depression and anxiety.